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The Dartington Estate

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Dartington Estate, Dartington, Totnes, Devon
Tel: 01803 847074
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Located just outside Totnes, the Dartington Hall Estate is home to the activities of the Dartington Hall Trust, a social enterprise with programmes in the arts, social justice and sustainability founded by Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst in the 1920s. The Trust’s commercial enterprises, Dartington Hall and The Shops at Dartington, support the programmes.

Enjoy the Dartington Hall Estate grounds & garden all year round

* Experience Films, Live Events,Courses, Exhibitions & Festivals
* Explore the Grounds and Gardens
* Enjoy Food & Drink from the White Hartand Roundhouse Café
* Visit the Shops at Dartington (01803 847500)
* Stay at Dartington Hall

Located just outside Totnes
The Elmhirst Centre, Dartington Hall, TQ9 6EL
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Telephone 01803 863168


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The Town Mill, Coronation Road, Totnes, Devon. TQ9 5DF.
Part of Totnes Town Council

Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm (April to October)
Saturday 10am - 1pm (November to March)
Bank Holidays 10am - 2pm
Closed Sundays.

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